TheModernColonist_MikeI’ve spent my whole life learning to be better. A better joiner. A better designer. A better restorer. The result of that learning is this, here, now: The Modern Colonist, a collection of bespoke, custom-made furniture designed to last several lifetimes.

The wood I use is crafted by me, hand on wood, because that’s where I get my joy  – in taking my sweet, focused time to do it right. My daughter tells me you can see that joy in my work, and I believe her. Working by hand means I craft pieces perfectly matched with grain and pattern design, coaxing out the natural beauty inherent to particular species of wood. The end result is only ever something I’m proud of, so I know you’ll be proud of it in your home, too.

They say good taste is what sets apart good from great, and that’s what I do: make furniture for folks with impeccable taste – folks who understand worth, and dedication, and purpose. I get that from Sam Maloof, a man who inspired me, back in my early apprentice years, to close my home building business to go full time making furniture and restoring antiques. I studied how he joined the parts of his chairs, the way he finished those joints, and became determined to experiment with that myself. Now, what I build has natural-edged side joints, always done, of course, by hand instead of a table saw. It allows for a natural board shape and look. It’s the things like that that make all the difference to your piece. I’d love to have you stop by the workshop to come see for yourself. My door is always open to you.

I use techniques to age my designs, making them slip seamlessly into your space, adding a hand-rubbed finish to make brand new pieces feel smooth as glass, yet glow warmly and softly. For you, I can craft everything from kitchen cabinets to farm tables, vases and utensils, and what’s more, I’ll do it with love. Love that won’t fade. Love that makes it feel as though even a brand new piece has been in your home for generations.